The Golden Ratio discovered in the wild (during a brawl in the Ukrainian parliament). More detail here: 

Perhaps the most important defining property of fractals is self similarity on many different scales; i.e., they have self-iterating geometric structures that repeat in different sizes.

It’s rendered here in MIDI which means there’s no attempt at authenticity of instrumentation. Worth a listen though….

Sonic engineer Trevor Cox is on a mission to find the planet’s most interesting sounds.

Unequal temperament explained.

A slightly better account of Fibonacci numbers in music than the one I posted here a while ago…

At the risk of sounding like a n00b, every day I find a new use for this…

At the risk of sounding like a n00b, every day I find a new use for this…

Assigning colours to the notes in a musical octave

"Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, higher in frequency than radio waves, but below X-rays. Wavelengths we can see are between approximately 380nm and 780nm. Curiously, the spectrum of visible light, between ultraviolet and infrared, is almost exactly an octave, with the visible edge of ultraviolet having double the frequency (and half the wavelength) of the visible edge of infrared. … "

From 'What Colour is C?'

Pendulum waves

I believe that the social ideas of anarchism: autonomous groups, spontaneous order, workers’ control, the federative principle, add up to a coherent theory of social organisation which is a valid and realistic alternative to the authoritarian, hierarchical and institutional social philosophy which we see in application all around us. Man will be compelled, Kropotkin declared, “to find new forms of organisation for the social functions which the State fulfils through the bureaucracy” and he insisted that ”as long as this is not done nothing will be done.” I think we have discovered what these new forms of organisation should be. We have now to make the opportunities for putting them into practice.